For more than over 50 years, Becker Professional Education has helped equip professionals and their companies for the challenges of tomorrow in the Accounting and Finance Profession.

Becker Professional Education is a global leader in professional education. Our CPA Exam Review is the largest and longest-running review program worldwide. Becker provides world-class web-based and live in-house continuing professional education for accounting and finance professionals. More than 400,000 individuals have benefited from our exam review programs. For the individuals and companies we serve, Becker Professional Education is the clear choice for professional education.

Our program materials work together as a complete learning system, designed to support you throughout your exam preparation. Contributing to CPA candidates’ ultimate success is our primary goal. We are offering LIVE CPA Classes for the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname.

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High CPA Passing Rates

It’s a fact: Students who prepare with Becker pass the CPA Exam at double the rate of non-Becker candidates*.

How do we prove this claim? By engaging an independent research firm to conduct research to calculate our pass rates.

Some providers make unrealistic claims using flawed methodology. Others make no claim at all. But we validate our claim using unbiased, third-party research. In fact, we’re the only CPA review provider to do this.

Results Based on Solid Research Methodology

The research firm we hire uses statistical sampling to calculate Becker students’ pass rates. Based on an estimate of Becker’s share of the CPA Exam review market, the pass rate of non-Becker candidates is calculated. When these figures are compared, the results have always shown that Becker students pass at double the rate—or more—of non-Becker students.

For the past five decades, we’ve helped more than 400,000 candidates prepare for the CPA Exam. We can do the same for you.

*Becker Professional Education students pass at twice the rate of all CPA Exam candidates who did not take a Becker review course, based on averages of AICPA-published pass rates. Data verified by an independent, third-party firm.

For more information on our Becker CPA LIVE Classes for the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname please contact us by using our contact form.

The Becker Promise

The Becker Promise is Becker Professional Education’s tuition waiver program for candidates who complete our review course but do not pass the CPA Exam*.

Our Promise? To provide you with the greatest opportunity to pass the CPA Exam by using our comprehensive CPA Exam Review and time-tested approach. If you utilize Becker and attend the LIVE classes but do not pass the CPA Exam, you may repeat our review course at no additional tuition cost (tuition waiver) if you satisfy our requirements.

Why Do We Make Such a Promise?

The answer is simple.

We want you to pass. We’re confident in our curriculum, materials, and instructors. And we’ll stand behind you to help you reach your career goals—even if it takes a second try.

Note*: Certain restrictions and requirements apply in order to be found eligible for the Becker Promise.