Global International Management LLC is the Authorized partner of for the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname. is the world’s leading online audit confirmation solution—a platform for auditors and accounting firms to better manage every aspect of the audit confirmation process.  Perform audit confirmations securely to key responder types, in both electronic and paper formats, helping you easily manage the entire process from start to finish.

For Auditors

One system. One process. is your all-in-one online audit confirmation solution. Offering a central repository to house all confirmation data puts you in control of the entire process and ensures that client data is secure throughout transmission. Everything you need to effectively manage the audit confirmation process is contained within a single, convenient platform.


  • Control the process – with the ability to manage the audit confirmation process from within a single, online platform, you maintain control every step of the way.
  • Validation – avoid having to perform your own validation procedures using our validated In-Network responders.
  • Requests types – including A/R, A/P, bank, EBP, and legal (all within one system).
  • Electronic and paper – this provides maximum flexibility in managing your requests.
  • Data security – highly secure and controlled environment to protect privacy and confidentiality of user data.
  • Intuitive interface – monitor status updates, download reports, review dynamic statistics, and company-wide updates and features.
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For Banks

Auditors mail millions of audit confirmation letters to banks annually, requesting confirmation of their clients’ balances and arrangements. The traditional process is slow and time-consuming.

Endorsed by the American Bankers Association (ABA), is used by more than 3,500 banks to processes more than $1 trillion in confirmations each year. Our online platform drives efficiency, helps combat fraud, and enhances the customer experience.


  • Free service – Auditors pay for the service because of quicker responses and improved efficiency. It is completely free for banks.
  • ABA endorsed partner – View our ABA partner endorsement here.
  • Connect to a global network – 14,000+ audit firms and over 100,000 auditors worldwide use
  • Drive efficiency – Eliminate manual redundant processes and experience up to 90% time savings.
  • Combat fraud – Controlling the process reduces the risk of confirmation fraud.
  • Protect data – Our secure environment protects privacy and confidentiality of our users’ data.
  • Simple registration – There’s no software to install. All you need is an email address and access to a web browser.

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For Law Firms helps law firms, accounting firms, and their mutual clients manage audit letters. Our award-winning audit confirmation platform is used by thousands of law firms and accounting firms worldwide. benefits:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Secure and trusted network
  • Centralize your firm’s audit response process
  • Free service and support

A copy of our law firm user agreement can be found here: Law Firm User Agreement. This Agreement incorporates the input of members of the American Bar Association Business Law Section Audit Responses Committee, which takes no position regarding whether individual law firms should employ the services contemplated by this Agreement or should accept its terms and conditions.

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